5 Spring Festivals Around The Globe

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Being an expat is about embracing local culture as much as it is about exploring. The coming of spring is an important time of year for people around the globe. With spring, there comes an end to the cold and new beginnings.

To celebrate and greet warmer months, various countries kick off the new season in colorful ways. Here are 5 incredible festivals to ring in spring across the globe:

Holi – India & Nepal5 Spring Festivals Around The Globe

Holi or The Festival of Colours, is a Hindu tradition celebrated in India and Nepal. You’ve probably seen images of people parading in the streets, covered in colorful pigment. The color comes from natural crushed powders, meant for healing. The festival celebrates the end of winter and with it the arrival of spring, the triumph of good over evil, and as a thanksgiving for a good harvest. There are other things that come with this festival, such as a time to mend broken relationships and share in the joy that spring brings. If you are able to attend this colorful and playful festival, remember to share sweets with family and friends, and bring forgiveness and grace along for the ride.

Songkran – Thailand5 Spring Festivals Around The Globe

Songkran Water Festival marks the beginning of the New Year in Thailand. It originates out of the Buddhist tradition of washing away sins and bad luck by pouring water over the Buddha. The holiday is predominately celebrated by young people who take to the streets throughout Thailand and participate in a massive water fight.

Cheung Chau Bun – Hong Kong

Cheung Chau Bun Festival celebrates the Taoist god of the sea, Pak Tai. It is celebrated on Hong Kong’s island Cheung Chau. The idea is to scramble to the top of a bun tower and grab yourself a bun for good luck and prosperity. Naturally, the higher the bun on the tower, the greater wealth and happiness you’ll receive.5 Spring Festivals Around The Globe

Hanami – Japan

Hanami in Japan isn’t a particular festival but more of an art form. It translates to ‘flower viewing’. Japan is famously known for its cherry blossoms which bloom each spring. Thousands of people flock throughout Japan to see the pink blossoms open and bloom. Part of this experience is bringing a picnic along with some traditional favorites like dango (Japanese dumpling) and sake!5 Spring Festivals Around The Globe

Rose Festival – Morocco

Rose Festival is located in the Dadès Valley in Morocco. It celebrates the spring as well as the blooming of millions of pink Persian Roses. The festival is full of traditional Berber song and dance, delicious food, and finally a parade with floats and the election of Ms. Rose. One of the perks of being an expat at this festival is that there is a reserved area at the parade for tourists.5 Spring Festivals Around The Globe

When the time comes to attend festivals, it can be thrilling but also scary. There are often thousands of people from all walks of life in attendance, and some may take advantage of non-locals. Theft is a common occurrence. It is critical that your valuables such as cell phones and cameras are covered. Are you protected should your personal belongs be stolen or damaged? Working with a good international personal property insurance provider will ensure that you can relax and let the good times roll!

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  1. Dreaming about cherry blossoms in Japan! And curious about Holi festival in India! Spring is already here!

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