A little about us…


Scott Rousseu, Co-FounderScott Rousseu
BA, MEd, FPSC Level 1 Certificant© in Financial Planning

I am a passionate educator, keen investor, dedicated practitioner of balanced living, and a long-term expat. I have lived and worked overseas for almost 20 years and have travelled extensively in more than 60 countries.  Investing has been my primary hobby (some might say obsession!) for the past 25 years, ever since I was a business student in Canada.  Since moving overseas, I have been a member of numerous thriving expat communities and been a keen observer of what makes those communities successful.  We created this website to not only introduce our financial planning services but also to provide a platform for our fellow expats to help each other discover the keys to leading successful, fulfilling expat lives.


Hong Ho, Co-founderHong Ho

I am an accountant by profession and enjoy using my knowledge to help raise awareness of financial literacy. I am also a devoted mother of two wonderful daughters.  I was born and raised in post-war Vietnam, and am thus deeply aware of the value of financial security and the importance of strong family and community bonds in times of hardship. I have been an expat for 15 years and love being actively engaged in our expat community.  I have been the treasurer of our local women’s association, I organize clubs and events in my home, and I regularly participate in activities run by our community wellness program.  I am an enthusiastic practitioner of a healthy, balanced lifestyle based on wholesome food, invigorating physical activity, and a positive mindset.