5 Spring Festivals Around The Globe

Just in time for spring, we have another guest post from the folks at insurance experts Clements Worldwide. Visit their website for a free quote for all your travel and expat insurance needs. Being an expat is about embracing local culture as much as it is about exploring. The coming of spring is an important time of […]

7 Useful Facts About International Auto Insurance You Should Know Before Driving Abroad

If you are going to be driving a car in a foreign country, there are some essential facts you should know. These facts can save you from accidents, massive bills, and tons of wasted time. 1. Your Home Country’s Driver’s License May Not Work Your local driver’s license usually does not work in foreign countries. […]

7 Holidays Every Expat Should Know And Where to Find Them

As an expat, you have the luxury to experience exotic, fun holidays in foreign countries. But what are the top expat holidays you should check out? Today, we want to share seven holidays that people find the most fun around the world. 1. Chinese New Year This is one of the biggest holidays for China, […]

5 Reasons Why Millennial Expats Need Life Insurance When Traveling Abroad

For you young Millennials out there, the world is your oyster. After all, what’s more exciting when you’re in your 20’s and 30’s than international travel or pursuing your career with an extended stay in a foreign country? However, we shouldn’t forget that there are certain risks involved in all this adventure. In this guest […]

4 Steps to Finding a Good Personal Trainer While Living Overseas

With all the holiday indulgence behind us and plans duly made for lifestyle renewal for the coming year, we figured we’d help everyone get off on the right foot with this article contributed by the trainers at Results Personal Training in Singapore. What better way to start off the new year than with a new […]

Recipe: Expat Amy’s Easy Red Lentil Soup

Our family just loves lentil soup, especially on a cool winter day. It’s loaded with nutrients, gluten-free, and high in protein and slow-burning carbohydrates that keep your body fueled for hours on end. One of our favourite lentil soup recipes comes from Amy, our very close friend and life-long expat from Greece. It’s quick and […]

Seasonal Recipe: Expat Martin’s Red Beet & Green Apple Salad

Just in time for the Holidays, our first guest recipe contribution comes from Martin, a longtime expat from Germany. Some of my childhood memories connect to holiday food. In our house in Germany, red beet salad was customary on New Year’s Eve. My mother used to make it with herring and left-over beef. I find […]

Five Tips to Improve Your Gym Results

In this very first guest contribution to the fitness section of our site, U.K. Master Trainer and Assessor Graeme Dobie teaches us how we can get the maximum benefit from our efforts and time in the gym. How many people do you see year, after year, after year in the gym doing the same exercises/weights […]