4 Steps to Finding a Good Personal Trainer While Living Overseas

With all the holiday indulgence behind us and plans duly made for lifestyle renewal for the coming year, we figured we’d help everyone get off on the right foot with this article contributed by the trainers at Results Personal Training in Singapore. What better way to start off the new year than with a new […]

7 Reasons Why I Take A Morning Walk

What?? You wake up at 5 a.m.?!?! This was the incredulous response of a friend during a recent discussion about morning routines. We were winding up a late dinner and their daughter had passed out in our daughter’s room in what might be called an impromptu sleepover. We agreed that they should just leave her […]

The Book That Saved My Back

It was a gorgeous late summer morning in Umbria. We had bid farewell to our friends and walked through the medieval town centre and out a gate in the ancient walls to where our car was parked. Across the road lay acres of vineyards and vegetable gardens. Our ever-curious 4 year old daughter spotted some […]

Five Tips to Improve Your Gym Results

In this very first guest contribution to the fitness section of our site, U.K. Master Trainer and Assessor Graeme Dobie teaches us how we can get the maximum benefit from our efforts and time in the gym. How many people do you see year, after year, after year in the gym doing the same exercises/weights […]