Kids Menus: The Authoritative Restaurant Rating Tool

Michelin stars? Bah! The kids menu will tell you everything you want to know about the quality of an eating establishment. In our family, we have an unwritten rule: we don’t go out to a restaurant to eat garbage. Why would we? We don’t go out to eat often, so we all consider eating out […]

Farmer’s Market Or Sugar-Fest?

Last weekend our family decided to check out a new organic farmer’s market in our city. It was a beautiful spring day, with temperatures in the mid-20’s and a refreshing sea breeze blowing through the market’s waterfront location. The gorgeous weather, combined with the knowledge that this was just the beginning of our well-earned spring […]

Cultural Buffet Or Buffet Culture?

‘Tis the season to stuff your tummy. And who doesn’t enjoy a little extra food and drink at special times of the year? I know I certainly do. But every weekend? Now that’s turning the odd binge into a scary habit. A New Cultural Experience? The weekend buffet wasn’t one of the cultural experiences I […]

The Benefits of Using a Pressure Cooker

It was only a couple of years ago that we discovered the joy of cooking with a pressure cooker. We were in Europe staying with our Greek-Italian friends and we saw them cooking food in a pressure cooker and were very impressed when the food came out. It had incredible flavor and beautiful texture, and […]