Disneyland Paris on a Budget: Fantasy or Reality?

Disneyland Paris on a budget? You think I’m joking, right? In fact, you probably think that I’ve been hanging out in Fantasyland too long. 😉 OK, I’ll be the first to admit that Disneyland doesn’t really fit into the budget travel category, and some of our readers might even feel that it totally contradicts the […]

How To Use Technology To Teach Your Kids Delayed Gratification

We’ve all heard it: This is the “Me” generation, the era of “I want it, and I want it now”, the era of instant gratification. Yes, wherever we live in the world, there is almost no escape from the rapidly spreading global culture that offers a credit card in the wallet for every day of […]

Simply Saving: Save With Community Recycling

Community recycling? Of course we all do that! Don’t you see those blue boxes out front of all the residences once a week? Well, I’m not talking about bottles and cans and newspapers here, although that type of recycling certainly is an important component of any modern, sustainable community. No, what I’m talking about is […]

7 Reasons Why I Take A Morning Walk

What?? You wake up at 5 a.m.?!?! This was the incredulous response of a friend during a recent discussion about morning routines. We were winding up a late dinner and their daughter had passed out in our daughter’s room in what might be called an impromptu sleepover. We agreed that they should just leave her […]

Your Next Expat Post: Health Trumps Wealth

It’s that time of year again, especially for those of us in education whose lives revolve around an academic schedule, that we say farewell to some of our expat friends as they move on to exciting, new adventures. Attending a flurry of “going away” parties over the past weekend and talking to some close friends […]

Kids Menus: The Authoritative Restaurant Rating Tool

Michelin stars? Bah! The kids menu will tell you everything you want to know about the quality of an eating establishment. In our family, we have an unwritten rule: we don’t go out to a restaurant to eat garbage. Why would we? We don’t go out to eat often, so we all consider eating out […]

How To Cruise Europe On The Cheap In A Brand New Car

Want to cruise around Europe in a brand new car and pay less than a normal rental car? Then a French “Buy-Back Lease” may be the plan for you. We’ve been in the throes of an intense summer holiday planning session over the past few weeks, and a big part of the planning was figuring […]

Work-Life Balance: It’s a Team Effort

Ever since a good friend of mine suggested I write a post on work-life balance, I have been slowly churning the idea over in the back of my mind, not really sure how to address the topic. It’s not that we don’t have a balanced life – it’s actually one of our proudest accomplishments – […]

Olympic Sports: Lessons on Life and Culture for an Expat Kid

When I was a kid back in western Canada, winter sports were an integral part of my life. If we weren’t playing ice hockey or running moguls on the local ski hills, we were watching an NHL game or World Cup ski race on TV. Those athletes wearing the jerseys of our favourite team or […]

Investing For Our Kids: The Undeniable Power Of Time

They say that time heals all wounds. And when it comes to investing, it has incredible power to smooth out the bumps and produce healthy returns on your money – if you just give it a chance to work its magic. Just recently I was in a conversation with some friends at a party and […]