How To Protect Yourself From Currency Shock

Yes, HealthyWealthyExpat is back from a very long vacation. Looking back at my last post, I see that it has been about 18 months since I last sat down to dump some random thoughts from my cerebral cortex into the laptop. And while I’d love to take the time right now to reveal the various reasons for […]

3 Questions You Need To Answer About Inheritance Laws & Your Expat Assets

Q1: Do any of these situations apply to you? You own property in a foreign country You have a large sum of cash in a bank account in a foreign country You have invested in the stock market in the foreign country where you are currently living You have a life insurance policy with your […]

Book Review: The Global Expatriate’s Guide To Investing

Andrew Hallam, the author of Millionaire Teacher, has just released his newest book, and it is written explicitly for expats. The Global Expatriate’s Guide To Investing: From Millionaire Teacher to Millionaire Expat is a must read for every expat wanting to take control of their financial future. Isn’t that ALL of us? I have been […]

5 Ways To Teach Your Kids To Spend Wisely

Now that our daughter gets a weekly allowance, the most common verb that comes out of her mouth is BUY. Daddy, I’m going to BUY (insert latest craze that all the kids have) with my allowance. (Insert friend’s name) has 5 and they’re soooooo cute. Don’t you think they’re cute, Daddy? Um, yeah, I guess […]

Allowance, Saving, and Debt: Money Matters for Kids

Our 8 year old just got herself out of debt. On receiving her first weekly allowance since returning home from our summer holiday, she paid off the loan she had taken out while we were visiting Disneyland in July. Loan? Disneyland? Huh? Isn’t Disneyland supposed to be a fun place where kids immerse themselves in […]

Do You Pay Too Much Tax On Your Investment Gains?

The taxman cometh! No matter where you live in the world, you will be touched by the long arm of the tax authorities in some way. Yes, like us, you may be lucky enough to live in a country that does not levy tax on employment or business income, but there are plenty of other […]

Expat Property Investing 101: Why You Need A Good Property Manager

Would you like another layer of stress heaped onto what you already have from your normal work and life? Then buy a property in another country and attempt to manage it yourself. You are guaranteed to go nuts. If a Tenant Breaks a Window, Does Anybody Hear? Last month a tenant broke a large window […]

Simply Saving: Save With Community Recycling

Community recycling? Of course we all do that! Don’t you see those blue boxes out front of all the residences once a week? Well, I’m not talking about bottles and cans and newspapers here, although that type of recycling certainly is an important component of any modern, sustainable community. No, what I’m talking about is […]

Do I Need Life Insurance?

Whenever I am feeling that it’s about time to write another post but am lacking inspiration, I always think back to recent conversations with my expat friends to help lead the way to my next literary masterpiece. Little do they know that I use them as guinea pigs in this way, diligently analyzing every word […]

Simply Saving: How To Save 75% On Your Weekday Lunch

Save 75% on my lunch? I’m in. So where’s the coupon code, HealthyWealthyExpat? There ain’t no coupon code for this one, my friends. The solution is already in your hands. It’s called Taking Your Own Lunch. Novel idea, I know. In today’s hectic, urbanized world, it seems that brown-bagging it was some ancient ritual practiced […]