Simply Saving: Save With Community Recycling

Community recycling? Of course we all do that! Don’t you see those blue boxes out front of all the residences once a week? Well, I’m not talking about bottles and cans and newspapers here, although that type of recycling certainly is an important component of any modern, sustainable community. No, what I’m talking about is […]

Simply Saving: How To Save 75% On Your Weekday Lunch

Save 75% on my lunch? I’m in. So where’s the coupon code, HealthyWealthyExpat? There ain’t no coupon code for this one, my friends. The solution is already in your hands. It’s called Taking Your Own Lunch. Novel idea, I know. In today’s hectic, urbanized world, it seems that brown-bagging it was some ancient ritual practiced […]

Simply Saving: DIY Haircuts

This morning was a gorgeous spring morning in our garden, with the sun streaming through the trees, the birds chirping and flitting about, and the temperature hovering around 20ºC or so. As this week is Spring Break, the whole family was chilling out, leisurely eating our breakfast together around our patio table. And after all […]

Do You Have The January Budget Blues?

Got a financial hangover from too much spending in December? Then start your year off right by setting your annual budget before January has slipped away. I just got the final December report from our investment accounts today, which enabled me to finalize our 2013 financial statements. I was eagerly awaiting this report, as we […]

Simply Saving: How To Cut Your Mobile Phone Costs

Been working hard at saving, but still trying to figure out how to Save 50% of Your Expat Income and Still Enjoy Life? Welcome to Simply Saving. In this series, we will focus on how simplifying your life in certain areas can lead to big savings over time. Our family spends about $5 a month […]

10 Ways to Save On Your Grocery Bill And Still Eat Well

Even with the skyrocketing price of many staples, high food bills don’t have to be a foregone conclusion.  There are numerous ways that we can keep a lid on our food bill while still putting delicious, nutritious meals on the table. When you have plenty of disposable income like many expats, it is easy to […]

How Can I Save More Money?

OK, so you’ve been diligently following the “How To Save 50% of Your Expat Income and Still Enjoy Life” series and now have a good idea of your monthly income and expenses. You’ve made a budget, looked at where you can cut your expenses, and are saving much more than you did before.  You have […]

How To Make Great Coffee For Almost Nothing

If you’ve been reading the saving money series on this website, you know that we aren’t great fans of the $4 coffee shop cappuccino.   Yes, we love great coffee, but not at that price!  We prefer to make our coffee at home, as we can make it just as good or even better at about […]

Reward Yourself For Your Money Saving Achievements

The final step in our 5-part series entitled “How to Save 50% of Your Expat Income and Still Enjoy Life”. If you have been following this series with a real commitment to increasing the amount of money you save each month, then you have spent time to: Clarify the reasons why you want to save […]

The 3 Top Tips For Spending Less And Saving More

In this 4th installment in our 5-part series “How to Save 50% of Your Expat Income and Still Enjoy Life” we look at how to modify our spending behaviour so that we have more cash in the bank at the end of the month. Have you ever walked through an Ikea store? It’s like a […]