Our Fees

We don’t sell products. This is how we can give you unbiased financial advice.

Instead of being paid a hefty commission for selling you a financial product, we prefer to take a much smaller fee for giving you the advice that you need.

And because we have achieved our own financial independence already and don’t have a fancy office to finance, we can offer a very reasonable scale of fees to our clients. Most fee-based financial planners charge well over $100/hour for financial advice and $2500-$5000 for a complete financial plan. We believe that you will find our fees extremely competitive in comparison.

Here is our very simple fee scale:

Initial 30-minute consultation = free

Hourly consultation rate =  $50/hour (USD)

During our initial consultation, we will discuss your financial planning needs and come to an agreement about the type and extent of advice that we will provide to you. You will then receive a written document detailing what was discussed and the amount in fees that will be charged for our services.

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