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Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Enjoying the expat lifestyle

How can expat living help me get on the path to achieving my financial goals?

How can I preserve and strengthen my health and well-being as an expat?

How can I surround myself with a strong, nourishing community as an expat?

You are not alone!

In fact, we built this website in response to the incredible number of questions we have received from friends and colleagues in our years of living as expats. Questions such as:

How do you save so much of your income with the increasing cost of living and with two hungry kids? 

How and where did you learn to invest your money?  Mine is just sitting in the bank making a pitiful amount of interest.

I’m new here.  How can I meet new friends and get involved in the community?

You and your family always seem so happy and healthy.  What is your secret?

How can this website help me?

Here at HealthyWealthyExpat, our aim is to build an online community of expats from diverse cultures who are all striving to get the most out of expat living. We believe that the foundation of a deeply rewarding expat lifestyle is built on 3 Pillars:


3 Pillars of Rewarding Expat Lifestyle


Finding the optimal balance between all three pillars can be challenging as an expatriate.  At HealthyWealthyExpat we envision an interactive community of expats sharing wisdom, opinions, and advice on how to harness the strength of each pillar to achieve the fulfilling lifestyle that we all dream of.

So, how do I get started?

Begin by browsing our inspiring articles on Health, Wealth, or Lifestyle.

Contribute your ideas by sharing a comment after an article or offering to write a guest post by filling in our Contact Form.

Check out the Resources page for links to books, websites, and other resources to further help you on your journey.

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Shall we begin the journey?

We welcome all nationalities  to join us here at HealthyWealthyExpat.  Whether you are a Canadian living in Singapore, a Philippino in Hong Kong, an American in Panama, a Brit in Beijing, or an Indian in the UAE, we are sure that you would make a meaningful addition to our community.

Let’s all inspire each other to live a richer life!