What’s An ETF?

So, HealthyWealthyExpat, what is this E – T – F acronym you’ve been alluding to in some of your recent posts anyway? And what’s that Stock Index ETF thingy you said you were buying for your kids a few weeks ago? It all sounds a bit complicated to me. And why would I want to […]

Why The Best Time to Invest is Always NOW

A few weeks ago I wrote about the untold riches I had uncovered hiding within the forgotten spreadsheets recording our daughters’ investments. Back then, I mentioned that I was planning on investing some of the cash that had built up in their accounts. I had targeted a couple of ETF index funds* that I thought […]

Investing For Our Kids: The Undeniable Power Of Time

They say that time heals all wounds. And when it comes to investing, it has incredible power to smooth out the bumps and produce healthy returns on your money – if you just give it a chance to work its magic. Just recently I was in a conversation with some friends at a party and […]

Expat Property Investing 101: Survey The Risks

As we discussed in the first installment in this series, a property investment is likely to be one of the larger purchases you will make in your lifetime. Therefore, it only makes sense that you do a thorough survey of the possible risks to your precious investment BEFORE you commit that big lump sum in […]

What Should I Do With My Money?

Dear HealthyWealthyExpat, “I’m saving a lot of money every month, but it is just sitting in the bank making almost nothing in interest.” “The stock market is going up, so I am thinking of investing in it until I need the money next year.” “We are thinking about buying a property in XXXX.  What do […]