Features and uses of transpore tape

Features and uses of transpore tape

Tapes with multi-purpose uses are a common feature at hospitals and homes. Most of them are adhesive in nature and used for wound care. Small pores are present in them to help them heal wounds in a quick manner and relieve people at the earliest. The transpore variety of tapes have uses in securing tubing and device; they are also used to anchor bulky dressings in an easy manner. More importantly, these tapes are good to use in cases where customized width is needed to suit different skin and wound sizes. 

Here are some of features and uses of transpore tape –

1#    Good adhesion to skin 

Good tapes are those that deliver good adhesion to skin so that wounds can be treated in a standard manner. The same is true with transpore types of tapes whose adhesion for skin and tubing is excellent.

2#    Porous and transparent

Wounds can be managed better if the tapes used on them are porous and transparent. In fact, the pores present in them can quicken the pace of healing and add value to the task of wound care. Similarly, the transparent nature of tapes makes it possible for anyone to observe and analyze wound sites from time to time as nothing is hidden there.    

3#    Free from allergy concerns

Tapes made with natural rubber latex are not deemed fit and suitable for all users as they can pose allergy risks. On the other hand, 3M transpore tape is hypoallergenic in nature and keeps patients away from any allergy dangers.

4#    Breathable

Breathable tapes help speed up the pace of wound healing and that’s why preferred over normal products. They do have small pores and allow air to circulate through wound sites. This in turn stops the sites from suffocation and the healing happens with pace.  

5#    Easy to tailor the tape

High-quality tapes can be tailored to suit specific needs during wound management. Doctors can tailor them for various devices and dressings. Their width can also be customized to suit different skin and wound sizes in an easy manner.  

6#    Water resistance

Wound sites are prone to infection risks if even a little amount of water reaches to them. So the tape used on the site has to be water resistance to minimize any risks. The transpore variety of tapes deliver water resistance and thus, deemed suitable for wound care.

7#    Easy tear

They tapes are not only transparent but perforated and made of plastic. They thus work easily and tear without exerting much force. More so, they come with easy, straight and bi-directional tear to get customized according to the skin and wound size.        

8#   Easy to handle with gloves     

Good tapes have to be created from a material that makes them easy to handle with gloves. The same happens with the transpore products as they bring ease of use to medical professionals and serve the purpose of wound care perfectly. You can buy them online and add value to your wound management task.

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