Common misconceptions about cardiovascular disease

mmon misconceptions about cardiovascular disease

Heart diseases can strike anyone. People irrespective of their age and sex can face heart problems. Sadly, many of us don’t know about this, or never care to dug deep and understand such a sensitive issue a bit better. Eating right or leading a good lifestyle sometimes is not enough to prevent cardiovascular diseases and you should know that well. But yes, you can take precautions and keep your heart healthy. Clearly, there’re lots of misconceptions about cardiovascular diseases and you should stay clear of them. Rather, you should seek more information in this regard and convert health knowledge into benefits.    

Let’s look at some of misconceptions about cardiovascular disease – 

Young people are less likely to be impacted by heart disease  

This has to be the biggest misconception going around in the realm of cardiovascular disease. So, age is not going to stop heart problems happening to you and the earlier you know the better. With problems like obesity and diabetes becoming age-neutral by the days, the chances of heart problems reaching the doorsteps of young people are not far off.  

High blood pressure comes with warning signs

Many people think that high blood pressure would come with warming signs, which is a false thing to believe. On the contrary, there may never be any concern signs or symptoms of high blood pressure. You have to be cautious and use a high-quality BP device to test yourself on a regular basis.

There will be chest pain with a heart attack

No, it’s not necessary for everyone to have chest pain before getting a heart attack. Rather than waiting for the chest pain, which does not happen in every case, you rather need to look for other signs and symptoms like shortness of breath, pain in the arms, nausea etc. Any discomfort in the heart may not always result a chest pain and you need to know it better. 

Diabetes won’t create heart problems  

Diabetes is among the leading causes of cardiovascular disease worldwide. If you’re diabetic, you then have to take proper medication and also manage your foods and lifestyle. Since risks factors of diabetes are also problematic for your heart, you should not take chances and start doing physical exercise and manage you blood glucose levels at the earliest.    

Family history of heart disease is non-preventable

This is another misconception that many do live with and worsen their chances of getting a cardiovascular disease. It’s true that genetics has a role in getting you some heart problem but that does not suggest you can’t reverse the trend. You can take proper care of your heart and follow what the doctors’ order to minimize the risks involved with heart disease.  

Regular checking of blood pressure is not of much help   

Many people still wrongly believe that regular checking of blood pressure is not much of help when it comes to minimizing risks to heart problems. Well, they are wrong as doctors advise using a high-quality BP device so that you could check your blood pressure regularly and take right step. Similarly, heart problems are all about knowing more symptoms and signs so using a top littmann classic 3 stethoscope can also be an ideal start in right direction.

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