Features to look for when buying a stethoscope

Features to look for when buying a stethoscope

The stethoscope is an extensively used acoustic medical device for auscultation. Medical professionals use it to listen to the internal sounds of human body to do diagnosis. Most used to listen to lung and heart sounds, the device is also created in a way to allow hearing sounds of intestines and blood flow in veins and arteries. Given the utility of the stethoscope, one must look to buy only the best device fitted with all the standard features to deliver accuracy and consistency with auscultation task.   

Here are some of major features to look for when buying a stethoscope –

1#    Pick up difficult-to-hear body sounds

Well, the foremost feature to look for in a stethoscope is its ability to pick up difficult-to-hear body sounds in a clear and crisp manner. The device has to be equipped to help medical professionals hear internal body sounds from lung, heart and other parts even amidst noises.

2#    Noise reduction technology 

A high-quality acoustic device is one that comes with noise reduction technology. It has to help reduce distracting room noise to a great extent to lend clarity to sounds. The device is not good if it can reduce the noise by 75% over the diaphragm and bell operating range.  

3#   Tunable diaphragm technology

Healthcare professionals should not worry over stethoscope price and rather focus on whether the device has tunable diaphragm technology. This can help them change the pressure on the chest piece to use the device ether as a bell mode or diaphragm mode. This is how adaptive use becomes possible with the acoustic device at hand.

4#   Versatile tool

A quality stethoscope is one that comes fitted with both, a small and large side of the diaphragm. In this kind of arrangement, the large side is for adults while the small one for pediatric patients. This is how a single device fits well into the needs of people of all age groups. This makes the device versatile in true sense.

5#    Enables sounds of any frequency

Well before buying a stethoscope, you need to check when the device come with two patented tunable diaphragms for both pediatrics and adults. Only then can it enable listing of sounds of any frequency – either low or high frequency – with ease. This is how the age of patients won’t matter in accuracy of sounds.  

6#    Clear acoustics

The design of a stethoscope should come with two tubes so that any noise artifacts can be eliminated. Only then medical professionals can get to listen to clear acoustics and diagnose patients accurately. So, be specific of the design and get only a quality product. Not getting accuracy with the device means your purpose with auscultation won’t be met in a standard manner.

7#    Very durable design

You need to buy on a stethoscope made from resilient materials and having a tough built. More importantly, the device has to be able to sustain the tear and wear that comes with regular use. Only such products can last for several years eliminating the need to invest over and again in buying a stethoscope.

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